Aaron and Johanna Gravitzky / Horowitz


Aron and Yocha-Chana Gravitzky came from the small village of Byten in Grodno Province, Russia, which is now in Belarus.  They came to Detroit in the mid 1910’s, changing their names to Aaron and Johanna or Anna Horowitz, along with their children David, Tsippe (later Sylvia), and Chaim (later Hyman) to find a new life.  I have learned much about the Gravitzky family’s history in Byten, but many mysteries remain.

The Gravitzky / Horowitz family in Detroit

Horowitzes and Barons copy

The Gravitzkys in Byten — Several years ago, I hired a genealogist in Belarus to see if he could find any trace of Aron and Yocha-Chana prior to their departure for America.