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Who was Katie Kilcannon?

A month or two ago, I made a startling discovery of an obituary for my 3rd great-grandmother Margaret Donlan Cain.  It was online at http://www.newspaperarchive.com and revealed not only her death information but quite a bit of history for her that I'd never known before. Today, I am focusing my attention on Katie Kilcannon.  On … Continue reading Who was Katie Kilcannon?

Michael Daniel Cain’s sister Anna

Michael Daniel Cain’s sister Anna

Last week, I learned that my 2nd great-grandfather Michael Daniel Cain had a sister named Anna.  Their mother, Margaret Anna (Donlan or Donelon) Cain, brought Anna (about 12 years old), Michael Daniel (about 2 years old), and another son, with her when she traveled from Cloonacat, Glenamaddy, Galway, Ireland, to Madison, Indiana in late 1864 … Continue reading Michael Daniel Cain’s sister Anna

Where was Michael Daniel Cain born?

We always knew that my 2nd great-grandfather Michael Daniel Cain was born in Ireland and came to the US as a toddler in the mid-1860's, but that's about all that anyone in our family knew.  Here is the newspaper article from the February 13, 1946 Indianapolis Star: Please note that the article mentions his nieces … Continue reading Where was Michael Daniel Cain born?