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Montgomerys in Amherst County, part 1

Today I am reviewing the documents I found at the Amherst County Historical Museum in Amherst, Virginia, in March 2017.  On a road trip between Texas and Williamsburg, I realized we would be passing through Amherst and remembered that was the name of a birthplace I had seen on my family tree at some point … Continue reading Montgomerys in Amherst County, part 1

The Clan Montgomery Society

I'm now a card-carrying member of the Clan Montgomery Society!  Here's how the Montgomery branch of my family tree looks (as corrected on August 6, 2017): My father was Kenneth Oliver Montgomery, born September 6, 1930 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Dad died of small cell lung cancer in Hurst, Texas, on January 6, 1997, and we … Continue reading The Clan Montgomery Society